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On this page you'll find all the games, programs and examples I've programmed in PureBasic. I'm also kindly enough to include the source code for many of the games and programs. If you like my work then please click the donate button to the left and donate some money to support it!
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Latest news:
2008.01.31: My new website "The Online Media Archive" is now ready!
2007.12.22: JLC's Internet TV v1.1.0 Final available! Happy Christmas!
2007.09.23: JLC's Internet TV v1.1 Beta 6 available!
2007.07.12: JLC's Internet TV v1.1 Beta 4 available, now with adult content!
2007.07.12: JLC's Internet TV v1.1 Beta 1 available!
2007.07.11: Tech demo of "Starship Commander" available.
2007.07.09: Alpha testing of the new version of JLC's Internet TV has started.
2007.04.30: We might have a solution for people with the ActiveX problem. (click here)
2007.04.23: JLC's Internet TV Final released, now with an installer.
2007.03.22: I now updated the webpage design, this is much better!
2007.03.14: JLC's Internet TV updated.
2007.03.06: JLC's Internet TV now got it's own page.
2007.02.28: Ok, made the page a little lighter.
2007.02.26: Some people is complaining about the page beeing too dark, I will try to do something about it in the next days. And also, some people is selling my program WITHOUT my permission, if you have paid for JLC's internet tv somewhere then please let me know!
2007.02.25: Webpage has moved and also got a new design, hope you like it!
2007.02.16: JLC's Internet TV updated, please use this new version to reduce the stress on WWITV servers!
2007.02.06: Removed the source code for JLC's Internet TV, I don't want other people to pretend they made it and sell it...